Pure Orange Blossom Water 3.4 Oz
Pure Orange Blossom Water 3.4 Oz

Pure Orange Blossom Water 3.4 Oz

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Cici Glam Pure Orange Blossom Water is the luxurious multi-use organic face toner for dry, mature, sensitive skin. It is also versatile enough for acne prone, oily skin. It is naturally loaded with natural Vitamin C to make the perfect anti aging face toner and natural clarifier, leave your skin feeling fresh and youthful.

This organic floral water contains natural astringent properties that will balance your skin’s pH whilst working to reduce and minimize pores. It will help calm redness and irritation as well as skin and scalp itchiness. Also works great as a razor burn treatment and an after sun spray lotion.

Orange Blossom Water is also known for removing excess dirt, stimulating healing and restoring vitality to the skin, contributing to clear, radiant looking skin and more even skin tone. Mist on as a makeup setting spray for a long lasting finish.

The natural floral scent is simply nolstalgic to good times, working as a balancing
aromatherapy mist to lift your mood and calm the mind. Mix with your mud or clay mask for that extra touch of luxury.

Our Orange Blossom water is alcohol free and totally non oily, glycerin free, and with no added fragrance. It is also paraben free, vegan friendly, and can also act as a distilled lavender concentrate for cool, instant, fresh, personal moisturizing pore prep.

Cleanse skin with a natural cleanser and rinse with water. Mist or put a few drops and spread over skin area. For hair, spray or apply over hair after using shampoo or conditioner. Apply lotion, moisturizer and makeup after toning skin.

100% Pure Moroccan Orange Blossom Floral Water (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Floral Water)

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